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LoRa RA-01 range problem

Enviado: 20/Dez/2018, 10:31
por daryooosh
Hello everybody

I am using LoRa RA-01 to P2P communication. I set the parameter of module to default value but max distance (range) that it is obtained less 5 meters :

My project algorithm is :

Transmitter side :
1_Enable LoRa modem.
2_Select STDBY mode.
3_Mapping TxDone interrupt on DIO0 pin.
4_Upload RegFifoTxBaseAdd content(0x80) to buffer pointer.
5_Write 0x60 value(a typical value) to buffer.
6_Write 0x01 to RegPayloadLength register.
7_When switch closed(switch is connect to host uc)Select Tx mode repeatedly for send data continually.
8_500 mili second after switch opened the interrupt flag is cleared.

Receiver side :
1_Enable LoRa modem.
2_Select STDBY mode.
3_Mapping RxDone interrupt on DIO0 pin(default).
4_Select Receive continuous mode.
5_When switch closed the interrupt flag is cleared.

Note 1 : I use antenna that is presented with module.
Note 2 : This project is only for testing range.
Note 3 : I need a distance about 400 meters indoor.

Question 1 : Is this module work without antenna in range about hundreds meters?
Question 2 : How do i configure these module for high distance(less 1 kilometer)(with or without antenna)?

Re: LoRa RA-01 range problem  [RESOLVIDO]

Enviado: 25/Dez/2018, 06:12
por daryooosh
My problem is solved.The default registers value is bad.I did not want to using a library due i set register value to default.

Re: LoRa RA-01 range problem

Enviado: 27/Dez/2018, 10:15
por mktappsis
Thanks!!! :D

LoRa RA 01 range problem

Enviado: 30/Dez/2018, 08:59
por WarnerAbutT
I noticed in the commands list there were .vis1 .vis2 .v... etc

Dumb question but is this to set multiple visibilty points thereby reducing the communication problem of controlling a large sector?